Balancing Work, Family & Training with Run Cover Model & Mother of 3 Dorothy Beal

02.21.2018 - By Run to the Top Podcast | The Ultimate Guide to Running

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You could easily say that freelance writer, professional blogger, public speaker, coach, 3:11 Marathoner, wife and mother of three Dorothy Beal has a lot on her plate. Like many of us with busy lives outside of our training, Dorothy has had to learn how to balance it all. Oh, AND she has graced the cover of not one, not two, but THREE magazine covers! On this episode, we hear from Dorothy about the catalyst that turned her into a runner and how running has impacted so many areas of her life. Her philosophy and perspective on running are incredibly healthy and well-grounded, especially when considering how easily we can become over-obsessed with training and race results. She also shares with us her approach to balancing training and family nutrition as well as some interesting lifestyle changes she has adopted, such as her ‘Dry January’.  Dorothy has a contagious positive energy that comes through clearly in this conversation about the transformation running has made to her very full life.  

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