CIRS Deep Dive (If Carnivore isn’t Fully Working)

06.29.2022 - By Cutting Against The Grain

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In this episode, Laura and Judy do a deeper dive into Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS). If you struggle with chronic illness or a chronic autoimmune illness, make sure to check out this podcast episode. Carnivore, chronic illness, and autoimmuneReview of Melanocyte Stimulate Hormone (MSH)What symptoms NwJ looks for with Carnivore + CIRSCandida and CarnivoreCIRS 1: Check symptomsCIRS 2: Check vision testCIRS 3: CIRS BloodworkHow Judy knows if you’re not fully healing with CarnivoreWhy Cholestyramine and Welchol are best for mold biotoxinsCIRS 4A: Lipid acid replacement (cell danger response)Histamines and MCASHow mold growsCIRS 4B: ERMI or HERTSMI Test (environmental testing)CIRS 4C: Limbic System Retraining support (mind-body support)CIRS 4D: MARCoNS TestingCIRS 4E: Finding a CIRS provider and healWhy mind-body matters (the placebo effect)Why your life depends on root-cause healing (it’s not just a slogan)_____
RESOURCES:CATG Ep 55. Mold, Autoimmune, Hormones and Meat-only CarnivoreNwJ CIRS BloodworkNwJ Free CIRS HandoutsOMAPREM (Lipid Acid Replacement)MegaOmega Omega 3sNwJ – What is CIRS YouTubeNwJ – Interview with Dr. Eric Dorninger (CIRS Practitioner)Dr. Shoemaker’s VIP and Grey Matter Atrophy RestorationCellCore Products_____  SPONSORS: Carnivore Bar: Use “NWJ” at checkout to get 10% off your order._____  JUDY'S RESOURCES:Judy's Book, Carnivore CureFree #Carnivore75Hard ProgramNutrition with Judy ArticlesNutrition with Judy ResourcesJudy's InstagramNutrition with Judy PodcastJudy's YouTubeJudy's Facebook_____  LAURA'S RESOURCES: Laura’s LocalsLaura's Discount Codes & InterviewsLaura's AmazonLaura's YouTubeLaura's Instagram_____  DISCLAIMER: This podcast should never be considered medical advice. We always recommend working with your medical team. Do not self-diagnose. Always seek medical guidance when you have a Head over to and get 15% off your first order. Promo code CATG

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