Episode 165 | Cool Sparging

12.08.2020 - By The Brülosophy Podcast

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During the mash step, starches in malted barley get converted into fermentable sugar, which then get rinsed from the grains during the sparge step. It's commonly said that the ideal temperature of the sparge water is 170˚F/77˚C, though some have experimented with sparging with cooler water. In this episode, contributor Cade Jobe joins Marshall to discuss the merits of cool sparging as well as the results of an exBEERiment on the method. The Brülosophy Podcast is brought to you by Imperial Yeast who provide brewers with the most viable and fresh yeast on the market. Learn more about what Imperial Yeast has to offer at ImperialYeast.com today. | Relevant Article | Cool Sparge xBmt

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