287 | Empty Inside

05.11.2021 - By The Minimalists Podcast

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Joshua and Ryan talk about that empty feeling we all experience from time to time—and the things we do when we attempt to fill the void—with podcaster, writer, and director Jennette McCurdy, and they answer the following questions: Why did Jennette start her podcast? (00:00) What is the disconnect between our higher quality of life in this modern age and our happiness? (04:26) How does society and culture influence disorders? (06:21) Why do others often insist we not give up our “successful” careers? (10:59) What are the three different types of relationships? (14:06) How do we appropriately manage expectations in relationships? (16:09) I think minimalism can help many of my loved ones find meaning in their lives and avoid the void, but I find it difficult to communicate it to them effectively so they see and understand the benefits and find it more attractive than the rat race they’re in—any tips? (20:01) What is the elevator pitch for minimalism? (20:35) How do you address the shame that sometimes accompanies minimalism? (23:50) How is power the opposite of freedom? (24:26) Was Jennette shamed for walking away from her acting career? (25:40) Does confidence come from consistency? (26:58) Filling our voids with stuff isn’t good, but what is good—what should we replace that consumption urge with that is meaningful? (28:37) What is the “suckhole”? (33:33) Why is Jennette’s podcast titled Empty Inside? (36:28) Detailed show notes: minimalists.com/podcast Support The Minimalists: minimalists.com/support

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