#359 FBF: Building a Multi-Billion Dollar Portfolio, Syndicating Your First CRE Deal at Age 15, & Learning From The Best in The Biz - with Max Pastor of Time Equities

11.19.2021 - By Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp

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Today's Flash Back Friday Episode is from Episode #249 that originally aired in November of 2019.  Our guests for this week’s show is Real estate expert and director of acquisitions and senior counsel, Max Pastor Time Equities Inc (TEI) currently holds in its own portfolio approximately 31.1 million square feet of residential, industrial, office and retail property – including over 4,000 multi-family apartment units. In addition, TEI is in various stages of development and pre-development of constructing approximately 1.4 million square feet of various property types which includes at least 1,447 residential units. With properties in 30 states, five Canadian provinces, Germany, the Netherlands, and Anguilla, the TEI portfolio benefits from a diversity of property types, sizes and markets. What You’ll Learn: How Max found an interest in Real Estate at the young age of 7, an age when most kids are just learning how to ride a bike. How me initially met Francis Greenberger, owner and founder of Time Equity. Unique fact about Francis, he syndicated his first commercial real estate deal at 15 years of age. How Time Equities has grown from that one office deal 52 years ago, into a company that spans 30 states, 5 Canadian provinces, and Europe with more than 32 million square feet of commercial assets in their portfolio. How they manage risk by utilizing their coined “trifecta approach” to each asset they acquire. How they have found excellence not only in one asset class, but rather a number of asset types along with a variety of fee based service offerings. How they maintain a competitive advantage by focusing on properties that can be bought at a low basis in secondary markets. Details on a recent case study of a 136,000 sq. ft. class-A office building that was purchased in a secondary market at a 10% cap with a 52% occupancy at purchase. Within 18 months they executed on their plan and got occupancy to 95%. The simple concept of negative leverage versus positive leverage and how to shield yourself from future risk associated with pricing corrections Key time management strategies that Max uses to ensure a highly productive work day And much, much more… Learn About Investment and Partnership Opportunities with Kevin and His Team  Recommended Resources:  Check out our company and our investment opportunity by visiting www.SunriseCapitalInvestors.com  Self Directed IRA Investment Opportunity – Click Here To Learn More About How You Can Invest With Us Through Your SDIRA  Accredited Investors Click Here to learn more about partnering with me and my team on Mobile Home Park deals!  Grab a free copy of my latest book “The 21 Biggest Mistakes Investors Make When Purchasing their First Mobile Home Park…and how to avoid them MobileHomeParkAcademy.com  Schedule your free 30 minute "no obligation" call directly with Kevin by clicking this link https://www.timetrade.com/book/KV2D2  

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