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For over 20 years, American born teacher and author Gangaji has reached thousands around with world with the words of her teacher, H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji) to “call off the search” and to inquire into the truth of who you really are. Now, in her first radio show, Gangaji and host Hillary Larson take a look at the issues we face in our everyday lives, one topic at time. Every month, for thirty minutes Gangaji will be addressing subjects like addiction, chronic pain, intimacy, anxiety, depression, enlightenment, death and many more.

Join us as Gangaji helps us find freedom in the face of what we experience in our daily lives.

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#41 Being Yourself | The Fi...


“There is some force that is seeking itself. That desires itself. That is praying for itself.” As we begin a new year, you can take a moment for reflection. You can tell the truth about what you are desiring, what ...

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