#82 How to Create the Life You Were Born to Live with Peter Crone

11.06.2019 - By Feel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee

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What is preventing you from living the life of your dreams? Are you waiting for the right person to come along? Will you be happy when you get a pay-rise? Or perhaps you just aren’t capable of getting what you really want? The truth is, that your perfect life is right here waiting for you to discover it. The only thing separating you from it is the dialogue that exists within your subconscious mind. Guest on this week’s podcast is writer, speaker and thought leader in human potential, Peter Crone, a.k.a The Mind Architect. Peter believes that resistance to the way life is, is not only futile, but it is the pre-curser to dis-ease both psychologically and emotionally, which can then manifest physiologically. He believes that to attain true freedom and joy, we need to release ourselves from the prison of our subconscious mind – those limiting thoughts that tell us we are not enough. When we understand that our behaviours and thoughts are a result of our subconscious programming, we can deconstruct where those limiting beliefs came from and we are able to free ourselves from them and experience true liberation. Peter demonstrates how we can deconstruct our own negative thought patterns by talking to me about some of the things that have affected me in my life. We discuss how our subconscious programming can affect our intimate relationships and question whether the Hollywood ideal really exists. This is a really powerful conversation and I really hope it helps you to find more happiness in your life. 
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