How to Run Every Day for More Than 40 Years With Scott Ludwig

01.23.2019 - By Run to the Top Podcast | The Ultimate Guide to Running

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Some of us are lucky if we are able to run 5 days a week. Others even more fortunate may have been able to put together a streak of months or maybe even a couple years. Streaks are hard to maintain because so many things can get in the way; injuries, life, extreme weather… On today’s episode we interview Scott Ludwig who has run every day since November of 1978. Now that’s a lot of miles and a lot of years! Scott has stories about the big races like the Boston Marathon, the Western States 100, the Peachtree 5K and the Badwater 135 and the little, hidden races around much of the country. Chances are, over the 40 years of pounding the pavement, he’s run a bunch of them. He currently lives in a town that is part of the filming of The Walking Dead and directs a race that has evolved from that connection. This man is definitely a runner with a personality and a commitment to running! He has written several books on running and his recent book, Running Out of Gas is a fun collection of his experiences running around the country. Scott will entertain you and educate you on many of the races you may be considering in your running bucket list and perhaps some you may never have heard of.

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