Importance of Community and Self-Empowerment

03.23.2022 - By Cutting Against The Grain

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In this episode, Laura and Judy share their thoughts on why community is critical for optimal health. And how to take care of ourselves when the people around us aren’t carnivore.Austin Meat upOne Year of CATGHow to handle carnivore in the real worldYour why and your community (and what will bring you success)Isolation breeds addictionMindset matters: I can’t vs. I chooseHonor yourself (and your boundaries)Reevaluating relationshipsIdentify relationships out of carnivoreAccepting that Not all relationships are permanentFind the bridge in relationshipsCan you change someone?EmpowermentResourcesKetoCon: Use CATG10 for 10% off your ticketsLow Carb Down Under (Australia)CATG Ep 18: Fear, Sabotage and Narcissism with Coach JessycaCATG Ep 32: Personality Disorders and Defining your Happiness Pie Chart with Dr. Elinor GreenbergCATG Ep 48: Why We're All Experts at Failing Diets with Dr. Robert CywesNwJ Episode 119: NwJ and Dr. CywesKevin Stock’s Guide to Carnivore_____  SPONSORS: Carnivore Cure _____  LAURA'S RESOURCES: Laura's Discount Codes & InterviewsLaura's AmazonLaura's YouTubeLaura's Instagram_____  JUDY'S RESOURCES:Judy's Book, Carnivore CureFree #Carnivore75Hard ProgramNutrition with Judy ArticlesNutrition with Judy ResourcesJudy's InstagramNutrition with Judy PodcastJudy's YouTubeJudy's Facebook_____  DISCLAIMER: This podcast should never be considered medical advice. We always recommend working with your medical team. Do not self-diagnose. Always seek medical guidance when you have a medical condition.

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