King and the Sting and the Wing

By Theo Von, Brendan Schaub, and Chris D’Elia

What's King and the Sting and the Wing about?

Podcast juggernauts Brendan Schaub and Theo Von provide a straight-up roast session built on fans of both of these comedians. Brendan and Theo take fan submissions to "king it or sting it", "debate club", hot topics, "flaunt your aunt", and more. King and the Sting now supersized for 2022, with Chris D'Elia and Erik Griffin joining the crew for bi-weekly episodes. Fans can join Patreon for two additional episodes each month under KATSPlus.

8,659 ratings

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Episode 180: The Sing The W...


Chris and Erik return as newly married men and the guys talk Bobby Lee not dressing up for Erik's wedding but dressing up for Chris', Erik's extremely tall dad, Chris' extremely expensive destination wedding, Brendan not being able to hear ...

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