129. Learning Old-Fashioned Skills | Carolyn Thomas of Homesteading Family

04.21.2022 - By Simple Farmhouse Life

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When diving into the world of homesteading, it can quickly become overwhelming when you realize just how many skills there are to learn.  Where should you start?  I’m so glad Carolyn of Homesteading Family joined me for this conversation.  As a long-time homesteader and mother of 10, Carolyn shares how she got started building her skillset to support the homesteading lifestyle she desired for herself and her family.  Carolyn is a wealth of information, and she is passionate about teaching others how to live this beautiful way of life, too.
In this episode, we cover:
- The most important old-fashioned skills in 2022
- Why learning new skills is actually easier than you think
- How to fit in learning new skills when you are already maxed out
- The benefits of saying no to convenience
- What our children gain from growing up in a homesteading lifestyle
- A few areas where we choose the convenient route
- The one thing to get in order before you start learning old-fashioned skills
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