#161 - Mongol 3: The Anda, The Arrow, & The Airag

03.09.2019 - By The History of China

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Temujin will enlist the aid of his recently-sworn father, To'oril AKA Ong Khan of the Kereyid to rescue his stolen wife, Börte. But his successful rescue of his beloved will only mark the beginning of his remarkable journey from isolated herder, to powerful khan of the steppes. Unfortunately, one of the sacrifices he'll be forced to make along the path to power will be that most-sacred: his sworn brotherhood with Jamukha, who will transform from Anda to Nemesis for Temujin.

Time Period Covered:
ca. 1178-1201 CE

Major Historical Figures:
Temujin, Khan of the Borjigin
Börte, wife of Temujin
Ho'elun, mother of Temujin
Khasar, Brother of Temujin
Belgutei, Half-Brother of Temujin
Jelme, Companion of Temujin
Bo'orchu, Companion of Temujin
Jochi, Temujin's first-born son(?)

To'oril, Khan of the Kereyid (Ong Khan)

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