New Tests and Drugs on the Market Could Be a Cheaper Way of Managing Coronavirus (Guest: Chad Savage, M.D.)

03.30.2020 - By Health Care News Podcast

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Recently, President Trump mentioned two drugs that are showing promise as treatments for treating coronavirus:  hydroxycholoroquine and azithromycin. Savage discusses how these drugs are now being used prophylactically among health care providers treating the virus in India and how they can be part of plan to rapidly test patients in the U.S. and keep them from having to get treated at a hospital.

Chad Savage, M.D. describes how such a process could work using tools now coming on the market to rapidly detect antibodies to coronavirus.  It would be a low risk and inexpensive way to see if the drugs stave off serious symptoms that would require hospitalization.  Savage discusses possible obstacles, such as side effects, availability of the drugs and regulatory hurdles at some state levels trying to restrain physicians from off-label use.

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