#163: Our Next Big Project (It’s REALLY BIG)

02.24.2020 - By Young House Love Has A Podcast

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Wanna know what our next big renovation project is? Well, it’s actually something that we’ve been contemplating for years but finally have the courage to do (thanks in part to selling our duplex). So this week we’re breaking down why we want to do it, why we think now is the time, and why it has us feeling excited, sad, and inspired all at the same time. Plus it’s really going to put our fondness for simplifying to the ultimate test. And some recent travel hiccups led us to a few new books that we’re loving - and one that I’m looking forward to loving… as weird as that sounds.  Be sure to check out younghouselove.com/podcast-163 for notes, links, and photos from this episode.

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