Property investor shares how he built his 9-property portfolio in 6 years

07.22.2019 - By Smart Property Investment Podcast Network

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This week on the Smart Property Investment Show, Katarina Taurian takes over for host Phil Tarrant to talk to property investor Max Pagnin to discuss his portfolio. Max shares why he has chosen to go down the road of rent-vesting, how he drives and measures success in his portfolio and the role the banks tightening up their lending played in his decision making for his portfolio. Max also reveals why he believes treating your tenants well is important, where he will and won’t invest, his overall end goal and other avenues her invests in other than property.   If you like this episode, show your support by rating us or leaving a review on iTunes(The Smart Property Investment Show) and by following Smart Property Investment on social media:Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you have any questions about what you heard today, any topics of interest you have in mind, or if you'd like to lend your voice to the show, [email protected] more insights!

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