Run with Stride. Start a Running Business with Misa, Katie, and Jeff

08.28.2019 - By Run to the Top Podcast | The Ultimate Guide to Running

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How many of us love running so much that we would LOVE to quit our day jobs and start running for work and play? It’s not simple and certainly not easy, but many people, including our own Jeff Gaudette at Runners Connect, take their passion and build it into a viable business.  Today we have three great people joining us who will share their thoughts and experiences on the running business they have developed. Misa Dugally, Jeff Stokes, and Katie Ownbey will talk about their business called STRIDE, the first Indoor Running Franchise, and a “one of a kind, indoor workout studio geared specifically to runners.” STRIDE's treadmill-based cardio and strength classes are perfect for any level of walker, jogger or runner They will share their personal stories that helped to formulate this dream business as well as the life paths and determination that brought enough pieces together to make it a reality.

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