#172 - S. Song 14: The Tightening Noose

08.24.2019 - By The History of China

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Mongolia is gripped in a civil war of its own, meaning the Song Empire has a chance to breathe. But with the immediate threat allayed for now, other problems become apparent. And when the new Great Khan, Khubilai, returns his attention to the land south of the Yangtze, China will find out whether it was a decade well spent in preparation for the coming assault, on one utterly squandered.

Time Period Covered:
1259-1275 CE

Major Historical Figures:
Song Empire:
Emperor Lizong (Zhao Yun) [r. 1221-1264]
Emperor Duzong (Zhao Qi) [r. 1264 -1274]
Grand Empress Dowager Xie [1210-1283]
Chancellor Jia Sidao [1213-1275]

Möngke [1209-1259]
Khubilai [1215-1294]
Ariq Böke [1219-1264]
General Aju [1227-1287] For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy

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