The importance of planning and strategy in your portfolio

09.02.2019 - By Smart Property Investment Podcast Network

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With a growing number of Australians realising the lucrative investment potential of property, more and more are jumping into their investment journey feet first. Investor John Pidgeon, however, joins us on this episode of The Smart Property Investment Show to explain why that may be a short-sighted plan, and why planning is key before taking that first step. John breaks down the importance of strategy and foresight when sculpting your property portfolio, reveals the biggest concerns that Millennials have when looking to buy, and explains why fear is a good thing! Host Alex and John discuss their first property purchases, the mistakes that they made, and the importance of cash flow management. John will also fill listeners in on why he is now renovating his permanent place of residence. If you like this episode, show your support by rating us or leaving a review on iTunes (The Smart Property Investment Show) and by following Smart Property Investment on social media: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you have any questions about what you heard today, any topics of interest you have in mind, or if you'd like to lend your voice to the show, email for more insights!  

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