E25 - We Call It A Journey with Danelle and Tyler Beckstrand

09.29.2019 - By Mormon Marriages

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How often have you let yourself hope for something?

How often have you been disappointed?

How often have you built a sturdy fortress around your heart, guarding it from feeling any ounce of excitement - protecting it from shattering into a million pieces?

For those who are experiencing infertility in their marriage, “hope” can feel like a dirty word.

How much devastation, disappointment, and anguish can your heart truly handle?

After 6 years of trying to start their own family, Tyler and Danelle Beckstrand are all too familiar with this dilemma.

As they shared with us their journey, they explained that hope is on a pendulum. If you’re only a little bit excited for something, then you’re only a little bit disappointed when it doesn’t happen.

It’s terrifying to let yourself hope! It’s scary to allow the unknown to have a permanent spot at your table. It takes an intense amount of vulnerability to let yourself feel.

The only problem is, if you downplay your emotions, guard your heart, or protect yourself from feeling, you won’t experience the intense amount of joy, happiness and excitement that is waiting on the other side of uncertainty.

Danelle and Tyler are all in.

They made the conscious decision to be over-the-moon excited for the family they will one day have.

They understand that you must risk it all to have it all.

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