When Addicts Experience Reflection Aggression from Partners with Carol the Coach

05.26.2020 - By Sexual Addiction:Strength/Hope/Recovery

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Johua Nichols believes that in the early stages or recovery, unfaithful partners experience hostility or aggression from their injured partners primarily because (1) they don’t trust new experiences or behaviors from their partners; and (2) they are tired of hurting.  But, “reflection aggression” isn’t really seen until after the crises have settled down and the addicts are gaining momentum in recovery.  The primary purpose for this type of hostility is because the injured partners don’t want their wounds to be revealed. Partners are afraid that they will be hurt again so theycan resist trust resulting in the partners needing the addcit to remember that he is the sick one so they agress against them to avoid vulnerability. Listen as Carol the Coach finds out more about this phenomena that interferes in true recovery,

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