When Wishes Change with Tricia Roos

01.13.2022 - By Pardon the Mess with Cynthia Yanof

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Oh friends, I really, really can’t wait for you to hear today’s show with Tricia Roos. I’m so grateful to know Tricia personally and see first hand how the Lord is using her story to speak of his faithfulness even in the deepest places of loss.     Tricia was three months into her pregnancy when she received a call that her unborn daughter had a rare condition that would be fatal. Against the advice of her medical team, she resolved to have her baby despite a chromosomal condition called Trisomy 18. In the midst of the uncertainty and pain, Tricia’s wish for a healthy baby girl changed into something more beautiful than she could have ever dreamed of.     Tricia’s story is a reminder of how God’s transforming power allows us to love deeper, go further, and grow more than we could ever have imagined for ourselves. I especially love Tricia’s words on learning to live for something bigger than ourselves—a great perspective to consider in our parenting.  So glad you’re with us today!   For a limited time, our listeners will get 25% off a premium Abide  subscription, when you visit Abide.co/pardonthemess.      Resources from today’s show: When Wishes Change: What if the thing you feared most brings more than you dreamed? By Tricia Roos See more from Tricia on her website, follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

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