#178 - Yuan 3: Divine Wind

11.05.2019 - By The History of China

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The armies of Great Yuan sweep across the east, destroying and conquering all who would stand against them. Goryeo Korea eventually sees the writing on the wall and cuts a deal with the Great Khan. Khubilai will then turn his sights out over the waters of the Pacific, to the Land of the Rising Sun... and send its monarch a friend request.

Time Period Covered:
ca. 1257-1275 CE

Major Historical Figures:
Yuan Dynasty:
Khubilai, Great Khan of Mongolia, Emperor of Yuan
Princess Hutulun Jielimishi
Zhao Liangbi, Yuan Emissary to Japan

Goryeo Korea:
Choi Ui, Warlord of Korea [d. 1257]
King Wonjong [r. 1260-1274]
Im Yon, Warlord [d. ca. 1271]
Pan Pu, Yuan Emissary to Japan

Kamakura Japan:
Hojo Tokimune, Regent of the Shogun (Shikken, de facto ruler of Japan)
Shoni Sukeyoshi, Magistrate of Chikuzen City For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy

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