ALIGNED Podcast by A Line Within

ALIGNED Podcast by A Line Within

By A Line Within

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What's ALIGNED Podcast by A Line Within about?

Welcome to the ALIGNED Podcast by A Line Within with host Ashley Hämäläinen.

You are guided every step of the way throughout your entire life and here at A line Within, we teach you how to receive this guidance. Notice, no matter what path you’re on or how you’re moving through life, it will always gently nudge you back into alignment. This is so you can release fear, trust yourself, balance your nervous system, learn, grow, heal and feel at home and in alignment with your Highest Self. When you’re in alignment, you’re able to respond to anything in life from a place of neutrality, grace and love, which is actually all you need to manifest everything your soul desires.

Through energetics, channeled messages rooted in the Akashic Records and conversations with our A Line Within community as well as other inspiring souls, we will gently guide you back to alignment. Thank you for being here and enjoy the show!


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