The Human Design Podcast

The Human Design Podcast

By Emma Dunwoody

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What's The Human Design Podcast about?

The Human Design Podcast is the #1 Global Human Design Podcast hosted by Emma Dunwoody, with a mission to make Human Design SIMPLE. This is where Human Design confusion falls to the wayside, and you can turn the “information” into real integration!   In these episodes, Emma is your no-BS, charismatic and hilarious best friend who takes you by the hand through her unique method of Transformational Human Design™, a system of self-knowledge and guidance unlike anything else that exists. Emma uses her expertise and background in behavioural coaching to combine Human Design, the Gene Keys, NLP, intuition and manifestation so you can actually create transformation and change.   Her vision is to take Human Design mainstream so it becomes more widely accepted than any other global profiling, behavioral or healing system — she believes it will transform personal development, education, and business forever. Emma wants to inspire everyone to unlock their inner wisdom, take their power back and feel deeply confident in the decisions they make. This will create a population that values themselves and courageously lives their truth, which will deliver us to a new paradigm of peace, joy, and abundance.   Find Emma on Instagram @the_human_design_coach and her website at

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