DayLuna Human Design Podcast

DayLuna Human Design Podcast

By Shayna Cornelius and Dana Stiles

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What's DayLuna Human Design Podcast about?

Dana Stiles and Shayna Cornelius are the Human Design experts and spiritual teachers behind DayLuna™, and hosts of the top charted DayLuna™ Human Design Podcast which has received over 1M downloads in 70+ countries around the world!

Join us as we discuss everything Human Design! If you are just joining us we recommend starting with your Type episode or starting from Episode 1!

Human Design is the spiritual science of how we are all different and how we operate and increase our magnetism in unique ways.

Learn what alignment looks like for you as a unique individual with a unique purpose, and how to actually apply different strategies to increase your magnetism today.

We dive deep into Authorities, Strategies, Profiles and the New Paradigm as well as host live readings for special guests and get into the intricacies of parenting and so much more with Human Design. Discover how Human Design can transform your life and what you can start doing TODAY to start living in alignment.

You can work with Dana & Shayna LIVE each month in their Your Human Design Bestie Membership program. As a member, you’ll receive monthly HD transit calendars & prompts, live ceremonies, and new courses & masterclasses released each month to help you powerfully lean into your Design.

Their book, Your Human Design, has everything you need to understand your Type, Strategy, and Authority in a grounded and applicable way. It is the book they wish they had when learning about Human Design and will help you understand not only your chart, but also any of your friend’s and family’s charts as well!

Through their soul-centered business, DayLuna™, Dana and Shayna specialize in the realm of self-purpose and conscious entrepreneurship and have been successful in guiding 1000s of clients and train others to become readers themselves. The pair feel passionately called to help spread the complex and life-changing science of Human Design to a wider community in a grounded and approachable way, and with testimonials stating “by far the best I have come across,” “extremely thorough,” and “[they] set the bar high and delivered,” it is clear they are doing just that. In addition to their readings, DayLuna services and offerings include personalized ritual kits, video courses, trainings, meditation tools, and more – all centered around an individual's Human Design

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