08.17.2018 - By Guys We F****d

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After discussing a #fucker's very unique childbirth kink, hosts CORINNE FISHER (@PhilanthropyGal) & KRYSTYNA HUTCHINSON (@KrystynaHutch) sit down with comedian CASEY BALSHAM (@CaseyBalsham) to discuss her choice to start trying to have a baby, getting horny when you're hungover, being a wild and affectionate drunk, and the guys she's fucked. PLUS: Should you choose a woman doctor? BUY TICKETS, MERCH, OR DONATE TO GUYS WE FEST: Want more episodes of #GuysWeFucked in you life? Subscribe to our Stitcher Premium bonus episodes using this link --- Tweet CASEY BALSHAM: Email us: Tweet the ladies: Tweet Corinne: Tweet Krystyna: Follow us on Instagram: SorryAboutLastNight YouTube: Facebook: LINK TO OUR TEDx Talk "How Much?": COME SEE US LIVE! NOW = Brooklyn, NY NEXT = TEXAS, CANADA For full touring schedule, please visit LISTEN TO CORINNE'S NEW PODCAST, Two Less Lonely Girls! A podcast where two adult women (Corinne Fisher & Rosebud Baker) publicly stalk Justin Bieber each week in 30 mins or less! BUY KRYSTYNA'S COMEDY/MUSIC ALBUM "Maybe It's You". Songs and sketches by Krystyna and Joseph Vecsey. MUSIC FEATURED THIS WEEK: 1. Una Mey- "Such Is Love" 2. BadLions - "Shinigami" Do you think your music should be featured on an episode of GWF? E-mail a streaming link to Mike Coscarelli:

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