Bachelor Franchise to Stagecoach and a return to TV? Blake Horstmann Reveals the $ behind his brand & DJing

05.09.2022 - By Trading Secrets

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Check out The Restart Roadmap: Rewire and Reset Your Career now!   In this week’s episode, Bachelor nation fan favorite Blake Horstmann brings listeners on a journey into the dynamic, lucrative world of music. He describes his full circle moment of performing at Stagecoach in front of thousands of people. Curious how much Blake earned that weekend between the set and brand deals? What is the lowest rate he has ever accepted to get his foot in the door? Without a text from Kaitlyn Bristowe, Blake might have never launched his DJ career — listen to the podcast to hear the story that altered his life forever. Have you ever considered becoming a DJ, either as a side hustle or full-time entertainer? Blake reveals how much you could make as both a local DJ and a festival headliner. Also in this episode, Blake reveals his experience hitting rock bottom and how he made it through, professional and financial goals for this year (more specifically, gross profit for 2022), whether he sees TV in his future, and the million dollar question - is he single?   Sponsors:   Host: Jason Tartick Voice of Viewer: David Arduin Executive Producer: Evan Sahr   Produced by Dear Media.

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