Disagreeing With Your Partner While Wedding Planning

05.17.2021 - By Betches Brides

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In this week’s episode, Jordana and Nicole start off with a few updates on their wedding planning, including site visits, ceremony music, and whether to opt for digital or paper wedding invitations. Then, they dive into this week’s topic all about navigating disagreements with your partner during the wedding planning process. The first listener email is about a bride who cannot agree with her fiancé on whether to include their dog in their wedding. Next, the second email is from a bride struggling to decide on an officiant that both herself and the groom are happy with. Then, the third email is all about minimonies and second wedding etiquette — should you purchase a second wedding gift? They end the episode with another round of Unpopular Opinions, discussing the joy of wedding planning, backyard weddings, and photo booths.

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