EP 184 — Allison Pelot: How to Thrive

04.12.2022 - By Living 4D with Paul Chek

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Do you have challenges with giving back to yourself and receiving love and kindness from others? Do you give so much to others that you don’t have a deep, loving relationship with yourself? Allison Pelot returns to the podcast to explore what thriving in this post-pandemic world really means and talk about her new book, Finally Thriving (buy it here) in this very loving Living 4D conversation. Learn more about Allison and her work with clients at her Pure Energy Wellness website. Find her on social media  Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. Check out her Integrate Yourself podcast on Apple Podcasts. For Living 4D listeners: Save 10 percent on Allison’s Finally Thriving group coaching program at this link by using the code chek10 at checkout.

Show NotesWellness out of fear. (5:05)A journey of creativity. (11:44)Disagreeing with compassion and curiosity. (21:33)What thriving really means to Allison. (49:39)The pitfalls of giving too much of yourself. (57:26)Indicators of thriving. (1:06:43)Connecting the head to the heart. (1:17:57)“A lot of people have been forced to experience the surrender of life.” (1:24:50)Too many people give without practicing the art of receiving. (1:40:22)Empowered wellness. (1:52:08)Are you using your imagination muscle? (2:06:38)ResourcesThe Clare Graves values modelKyle Kingsbury’s podcast conversation with David IckePaul’s Living 4D conversations with Mark England and Kimberly Kesting and Laird HamiltonNonviolent Communication: A Language of Life by Marshall RosenbergThe Social Dilemma on NetflixThanks to our awesome sponsors: CHEK Institute, Cymbiotika (save 15 percent on your purchase by using the code CHEK15 at checkout), Organifi (save 20 percent on your purchase by using the code CHEK20 at checkout),  Paleovalley (save 15 percent on your purchase by using the code chek15 at checkout), BiOptimizers (save an extra 10 percent on your purchase by using the code PAUL10 at checkout) and Airestech (save 15 percent on any purchase you make by using the code CHEK15 at checkout). We may earn commissions from qualifying purchases using affiliate links.

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