Flowdreaming for Meditation and Manifesting

By Summer McStravick

What's Flowdreaming for Meditation and Manifesting about?

What if you woke up every day feeling that your life was a work of art that took shape hour by hour, culminating in a lifetime of satisfaction and achievement? And what if you, the artist, were able to sculpt the events and opportunities in your future not merely through physical action, but by using a far more powerful and subtle type of energy? There is such an energy, and it stirs just below the surface of life, creating blueprints for everything that erupts into your physical existence. And you can learn to use it. The art of Flowdreaming reveals a powerful, precise, and beautiful method for manifesting that’s surprisingly easy and which teaches you to understand life as a flow of events and opportunities ripe for your shaping. Join host Summer McStravick, the inventor of Flowdreaming, as she takes your calls and helps you tackle all kinds of problem areas with this powerful philosophy and her laser-like insight into your Flow. Guided daydreaming, or Flowdreaming, can move your back into the natural, positive Flow of your life--the direction of your highest good and happiness, where everything is easy for you and miracles are daily events. If your life is full of obstacles or frustration, then you’re swimming upstream. Turn yourself around, with Flowdreaming.

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#622: Advanced Manifesting


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