How To Give A Great Wedding Speech Ft. Josh Storie

02.01.2021 - By Betches Brides

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This week, Jordana and Nicole welcome Josh Storie, author of ‘Wedding Toasts Don’t Have to Suck,” to talk about all things wedding speeches. They go over the hallmarks of a good speech, what to definitely avoid, and how to prepare in order to make the speech as memorable as possible. They also dive into some listener submitted questions, including one about how to strike the perfect balance between being funny without being mean, and Josh shares an unfortunate wedding speech story that is etched into his mind forever. Then, Jordana and Nicole go into a listener email for the Perfect Fit segment brought you by Generation Tux about what to do when your in-laws give you a high number of must-invite people. Is it fair to put your foot down when they’re contributing financially to the wedding? How can you go about cutting that list down without seeming rude?

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