#102 - How to Make a Decision with Emily P. Freeman

04.01.2019 - By The Lazy Genius Podcast

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This week I’m joined by the Lazy Genius Collective mascot, Emily P. Freeman. (Kidding, but not because you can play a drinking game with how many times I talk about her on all the platforms. ) Her new book The Next Right Thing comes out tomorrow, April 2, and what better way to celebrate than to have her on the podcast?! We’re talking about making decisions and how to find peace in those decisions when we don’t have much clarity surrounding them. Companion Links Follow Emily’s sister The Nester and the Internet’s resident ray of sunshine Bri McKoy on Instagram. Buy Emily’s new book The Next Right Thing, which comes out April 2, or pre-order it today (April 1) and get pre-order bonuses! The three episodes of The Next Right Thing podcast I mention at the end: Learn to Walk in the Dark, Take Off Your Crown, and Let Time Be Your Friend. There's no transcript for this episode. 

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