196. Injury Prevention Q&A with Cohost Tina Muir

05.20.2021 - By The Strength Running Podcast

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Tina Muir is a former pro runner and the host of the Running Realized Podcast and Running for Real Podcast. She’s an 11-time All-American athlete and elite athlete for Great Britain who has run in two British Olympic Trials. In this episode we talk about: Recognizing pain versus injury Importance of your body's physiology to help with injury prevention Can you be a bodybuilder and distance runner at the same time? How to manage pain Top factors in injury prevention (this one may surprise you!) How training journals can help Links & Resources from the Show: Connect with Tina on her website Follow her on Instagram Check out the Running Realized Podcast Learn more about human physiology from Brad Beer on Instagram or Twitter Other episodes with Tina: Tina Muir Takes Your Strength Training Questions Tina Muir Cohosts The Podcast To Answer Your Running Questions What If You Stop Loving Running? An Honest Conversation With Tina Muir Learn more about injury prevention Invest in Injury Prevention for Runners Thank you Precision Hydration! Thank you to our newest sponsor, Precision Hydration. If you've ever struggled with hydration or electrolyte issues, check them out. They offer tablets, packets, and other essentials to help you train in any environments. Precision Hydration knows that there isn't a one-size-fits all approach to hydration, which is why I love that they help athletes refine their hydration strategy for whatever event they're training for. If you can’t get a custom sweat test done, they have a free online test that will give you your own personalized hydration strategy. It’s heating up where I am and I’m ending my runs a lot sweatier than I was just a month ago. I know I’ll be paying a lot more attention to my hydration and electrolyte needs, especially with longer runs in the mountains here at altitude. You can learn much more about hydration in my conversation with the founder of Precision Hydration, Andy Blow. Check out Precision Hydration and get 15% off your first order of electrolytes that match how you sweat by using the code "STRENGTH15".

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