Episode 115: Max King on How to Thrive in Any Race (Athleticism, Mobility, Strength)

11.04.2019 - By The Strength Running Podcast

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I first became aware of Max King in 2014 when he won the World Warrior Dash Championship. I realized - after winning my own Warrior Dash in 2012 - that runners are often the best OCR competitors. Before I first interviewed Max, I studied his career and was absolutely amazed by his accomplishments in virtually every discipline there is in the sport of running: Trail races Ultramarathons Cross country 3,000m steeplechase on the track Road marathons Obstacle course races Mountain running If it involves mostly running, Max King is a dominant athlete. And he's not just a finisher - or even a medalist. He's often the ultimate victor, having won world Warrior Dash and mountain running championships and trail and ultramarathon national championships. He's even dabbled in triathlon and adventure races. That's a major reason I asked Max to contribute to our Little Black Book of Recovery & Prevention (9 pro runners shared their favorite injury prevention advice). I wanted to know how such a versatile athlete stayed healthy and prevented injuries. But today, we're discussing something different: how Max King trains.

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