MFR 138: Base Miles

09.19.2019 - By Mojo for Running

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How is your running base coming along? This is one of the most critical considerations for any runner’s success, but in my experience, the great majority of recreational runners ignore it. With this episode of the Mojo for Running Podcast, I hope to raise awareness to motivate every listener to give this area of their running life the attention it deserves.
A great percentage of your running success – or failure – will be due to a properly executed training, but if you miss a key area of training, no amount of effort to the remainder of your training will make up for the gap. It’s that important. 
By base, I mean the number of miles you run per week. If you keep a record of your miles – and most runners do – then go to your log book, right now, and see how many miles you were averagjng, per week, at the start of your last training cycle. 
This episode is likely to change your attitude about this often neglected factor that plays a critical role in your running success as regards the effectiveness of speed work, your success in avoiding injuries, and your comfort all the way to the end of races.
Your training base is that important.
**In this episode, I mention my son’s new podcast. His name is Ben Voiles, and his podcast is The Internal Work. I hope you’ll check it out, especially Episode #3 about confidence. That one would be particularly helpful to any runner. His podcast is on Apple, Spotify, and Stitcher.Click  the  graphic  to  check  it  out.
***In this episode, I also reminded you of our documentary film, The Human Race. I decided I’ll mention one of the featured runners in each of the next several episodes. In this episode of mention Riorita Gaon. Here is a pic. I hope, if you haven’t watched The Human Race, you will. I promise it will provide great motivation. Many runners have told me they bought it and watch it whenever they need motivation. That’s Rio in the pink sunglasses and with the mimosa, with friends Maureen Wallace and Nancy Hannas. Click here to see a trailer for the film.


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