MFR 140: My Thoughts on the ‘Brittany’ Movie, Running Goals, and Your First Marathon

10.23.2019 - By Mojo for Running

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Recently, Hubby and I actually went to a theater, which we hadn’t done in over a year, to see the movie, Brittany Runs a Marathon. In this episode I discuss that film, and, knowing that it will inspire many, that leads to the topic of running goals and running your first marathon.
No worries, I don’t give away the plot. I hope you’ll listen, and in this episode, since I talk about running ‘your’ first marathon, I also suggest that you listen to the four-part series I did on running your first marathon. Yes, it took four episodes of this podcast to sufficiently cover that topic. They are episodes 55, 56, 57, and 59.
In this episode, I also invite you to my race, the Run Tampa Tinsel Run, on December 21st, at Al Lopez park, right here in Tampa. I would love to have my listeners participate.
The race will be gnome-themed this year, and besides finisher medals, we’ll have age group awards, three deep in 5-year increments, and those awards will be gnome figurines. You’ll love them. The finisher medals will be, a gnome ornament. You’ll want to collect them every year; so, don’t miss this first one.
Below is a picture of the artwork that will be on the shirts. Here is a link to register. We’re capping registration at 500; so, register right away. Whether you live in the area or are visiting from out of town, it would be great to have you. 

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