MFR 141: Returning from a Break

11.26.2019 - By Mojo for Running

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Whether you are new to running or you’ve been running for years, there will be times when you stop running weeks or even months. Matybe you have a health issue, and maybe you had an injury. My runners miss long periods, sometimes, maybe due to caring for elderly parents, maybe due their own medical problems, and sometimes a running injury or some other injury that requires a long recovery period.
Sometimes, it’s weeks of overtime or school. Three of my runners in the last half dozen years, have missed more than a year when working on their doctorates. All came back, but it wasn’t easy.
And then, there’s the more common situation that I liken to falling off a diet. You know how, sometimes you’re being very careful with sticking to eating reasonable portions of healthy food, but then Thanksgiving rolls around, and you decide to let yourself go a bit for the holiday weekend, thinking that you’ll return to your healthy ways right after the weekend, but then Monday rolls around, and you find it’s too easy to just decide to wait one more day before getting back on the healthy eating bandwagon, but then Monday turns into Tuesday, and pretty soon, you’re saying to yourself, “Oh, well. I’ll just enjoy myself over the holidays and get back to my normal smart self after the first of the year.”
Well, sometimes running goes that same way. You take a week off, maybe due to going on vacation, planning to get right back out there on Monday, but Monday turns in to Tuesday, and so it goes. Before you know it, three months have passed, and with every passing week, you think about how much harder it will be than it would have been if you’d only been on a month-long break. Now, you’re less motivated because you realize how hard it will be.
No matter the reason, you know you need to return to running. I hope this podcast episode will help you ease back into a smart, consistent running schedule.

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