My Favourite Tip: Michael Mosley - The best predictor of longevity

05.30.2022 - By How I Work

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Do you even lift? Oh, you do? Great! But do you train for endurance too? Your heart health is super important. Oh, you do that too, amazing! How long can you stand on one leg? 
Yep, you should really test how long you can stand on one leg - it’s an important measure of your fitness, which in turn is an important indicator of your health more broadly. 
Author, television journalist and former doctor Michael Mosley is tired of all the conversations around resistance training and cardio, because they’re completely excluding balance! Just like with your muscles or your aerobic fitness, if you don’t use it, you lose it. 
And if you’re wondering why that matters so much, Michael references a study of that one-legged test, and the ability to balance was the best predictor of longevity. So, you don’t want to lose it!
Michael shares how you can keep your balance going strong, and how to accurately do the test yourself.
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You can find the full interview here: Get a handle on your health with Michael Mosley
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