My Students Aren’t Engaging and Struggling! What Do I Do? - A Math Mentoring Moment

04.26.2021 - By Making Math Moments That Matter

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Today we speak with George Garza - a high school teacher who strives to make a difference in his students' lives is struggling with engagement, pacing, and reaching his students who are falling behind. In this conversation you’ll hear George reflect on his practice and realize where he needs to focus his efforts. Stay with us to hear his epiphany!  This is another  Math Mentoring Moment episode where we talk with a member of the Math Moment Maker Community who is working through struggles and together we brainstorm possible next steps and strategies to overcome them.  You’ll Learn: How to Help Students At Varying Levels.How do I structure my lessons early in the course so students become better problem solvers?How can I use the curiosity pathway in my classroom? Resources: Desmos.comProgression of Multiplication Bob Marzano’s AcademyCPM Curriculum Curiosity PathwayCatch the replay of our webinar:
5 Reasons Students Struggle with Word Problems & What We Can Do To Fix It. 
What we learned: What prevents students from applying their prior knowledge and understanding when solving word problems;How we can transform our current curriculum resources into engaging experiences;

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