My Wardrobe Malfunction with Susannah Constantine

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What's My Wardrobe Malfunction with Susannah Constantine about?

We’ve all had wardrobe malfunctions – moments when our clothes badly let us down. Susannah Constantine has had many. Like the time she was at a Windsor Castle supper when her dress straps snapped, releasing her breasts into the soup.

Clothes and how they define us have fascinated Susannah for years – and were famously explored in her seminal 'What Not To Wear' TV series and bestselling books.

Now, she returns to her first and true love in the ‘My Wardrobe Malfunction’ podcast in which she meets a dazzling array of well-known figures to discuss their relationship with clothes – as they reveal everything from their 'comfort blanket' to their 'burial suit' and, of course, their ultimate wardrobe malfunction...

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S7 Ep7: Emma Barnett and he...


This week's special guest is award-winning broadcaster, journalist and author Emma Barnett! She and Susannah discuss frowns, tights and pyjama etiquette… Emma's new book, 'It's About Bloody Time. Period', is out in paperback on June 24 and can be pre-ordered ...

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