371 – Should You Ask Your Employer to Take More Tax Off Your Pay?

10.09.2021 - By Debt Free in 30

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Depending on your financial situation, you may benefit from asking your employer to take more tax off your paycheque. But how can you know when that's a good idea? Enter Ian Martin. Ian is an LIT and CPA and spent 6 years working at Canada Revenue Agency, so he knows a fair bit about income taxes. On today's podcast, Ian explains when it's in your best interest to have your employer deduct higher taxes (like if you think you'll owe due to CERB/CRB, or if you'll owe because you work more than one job). He also gives tips for how to handle income taxes if you're self-employed or if you're bankrupt. Tune in for lots of practical advice!   Links:   CRA TD1 Form: https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/forms-publications/td1-personal-tax-credits-returns/td1-forms-pay-received-on-january-1-later/td1.html

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