Super Soul Special: Deepak Chopra Session: Belief Creates Reality

03.09.2022 - By Oprah's Super Soul

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Original Air Date: June 26, 2019
In a live appearance at UCLA’s Royce Hall, Deepak Chopra explains why a belief is simply a "thought that is true for you." He says the world that we create for ourselves is based on these thoughts, and thus beliefs shape our reality. Deepak goes on to discuss how, as babies, we are filled with curiosity, wonder and bliss. But when we start to be conditioned by the world around us, we begin to build a separate self—one that can fill us with anxiety, pressure and fear. Deepak shares why this “separate self” is not who we really are. He also discusses what it's like to become present and aware through meditation, and why this awareness is important to our well-being.

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