The 12-Step Buddhist Podcast

By Darren Littlejohn

What's The 12-Step Buddhist Podcast about?

Readings and meditations from sacred Buddhist masters. Discussion of methods, techniques and essential principles of Buddhist recovery.

Now we're integrating the next level. Are you ready to drop into the deep work? The correct answer is yes!

Based on the groundbreaking new book, Compassionate Recovery: Mindful Healing for Trauma and Addictions (2022 Rainbow Light Media).

AA deals with the cunning, baffling and powerful nature of addictions.
Here, we go down to the roots, with ACEs, Western neuropsychology, and the application of scientifically tested training methods that are based on the wisdom of Tibetan Buddhist, Yoga other systems.

Learn to practice easy to follow methods, with powerful effects. Enhance and strengthen your emotional stability in recovery. Discover self-compassion, the wisdom of generosity and more.

For a foundation in Buddhist recovery and Dharma recovery, read The 12-Step Buddhist 10-Year Anniversary Edition (2018 Atria\Beyond Words) anywhere books are sold.

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How to Take Refuge in Recov...


What is this Dharma that we are offered to take refuge in? Can it be defined? Continuing our discussion of what, and what not to take refuge in. Now that we have some sense of the Buddha, the Four Noble ...

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