The Ancient World

By Scott C.

What's The Ancient World about?

LATEST SERIES: Carchemish (C Episodes) - tracing the life and death of the Neo-Hittite kingdoms; PREVIOUS SERIES: The Ancient World - from the earliest human civilizations down through 500 BC; Rediscovery (R Episodes) - the stories of the modern scholars and adventurers who rediscovered the ancient world; Bloodline (B Episodes) - tracing the descendants of Mark Antony and Cleopatra over ten generations; Thea (T Episodes) - tracing the disintegration of the Seleucid Empire

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Episode C28 - The Fall of C...


Synopsis: After defeating Syrian rebels at Qarqar and extending his dominion to the borders of Egypt, Sargon II labors to defend Tabal from the advances of Midas of Phrygia. Letters to Midas from Pisiri of Carchemish give Sargon a pretext ...

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