Episode 170: The Development of Mormon Temple Rituals, Part Two

01.19.2019 - By Year of Polygamy Podcast

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Join Lindsay as she interviews temple historian Devery Anderson, Stanford scholar Cynthia Bailey Lee, and fundamentalist scholar Cristina Rosetti as they discuss the history of Mormon temple changes.

* Links mentioned in this podcast:* Cynthia’s blogpost on BCC: Thank You, Sisters: an Honor Roll of those who made the temple changes possible* Devery’s Books: Development of LDS Temple Worship, 1846-2000: A Documentary History* Sunstone article: The Reconstruction of Mormon Doctrine by Thomas G. Alexander* Restoration and the Sacred Mushroom Did Joseph Smith use Psychedelic Substances to Facilitate Visionary Experiences? Presented at the Sunstone Symposium, August 2007 by Robert T. Beckstead  (TEXT)* Restoration and the Sacred Mushroom (AUDIO)* Revelation Through Hallucination A discourse on the Joseph Smith-entheogen theory Sunstone Symposium SLC 2017 By: Bryce Blankenagel, Cody Noconi

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