#87 The Lazy Genius Guide to Flexibilty

12.10.2018 - By The Lazy Genius Podcast

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The holidays can be tough, especially when it comes to managing our expectations when making memories. It doesn’t take much to turn our meticulously planned, yet festive holiday light display route into an awkward car ride with a crying toddler and hot chocolate that’s basically chocolate milk. This week, I’m offering three steps to help you detach your personal value from memory-making success which will help manage the holiday stress. Helpful Links Sign up for my monthly newsletter roundup of all the things I’m loving. If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, listen to The Lazy Genius Rests if you need space in your soul and The Lazy Genius Creates a Holiday Sabbath if you need space in your schedule. Need a calendar overhaul? Read How to Plan Your Holiday Calendar and then embrace the ebb and flow of all the holidays by listening to The Lazy Genius Conquers Holiday Overwhelm and create those opening and closing ceremonies you’ve heard me talk about. Download a transcript of this episode!

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