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The Main Opportunities in Real Estate in the Coming Recession » 1144

06.17.2022 - By Joe McCallPlay

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A recession might be on the way, but we’re working on a lot of deals right now. There’s still a ton of opportunity and we’re finding more sellers are accepting our offers now, more than ever before. If you’re just starting out and wondering if you really can make $10K in 10 hours per week, the answer is yes, you absolutely can. Marketing strategies like cold calling and direct mail work no matter what’s going on with the economy. To stay prepared for a recession, make sure you keep your network solid and your business lean. There are big opportunities right now if you know where to look. From vacant land to wholesaling homes, all you have to do is follow the demand. If you’re new to the business and wondering where to start, educate yourself in creative financing and fast cash strategies. Listen to our podcasts and get involved with coaching programs and masterminds and learn from successful investors. In recessions, it’s better to focus on a quick nickel than a slow game, like flipping houses. With wholesaling, you can make the same amount of money with a lot less hassle and financial risk. Make sure to download our free mind map PDF by heading to What’s Inside: —Where the biggest current real estate opportunities are and how to find them. —Why it’s important to keep your business lean and overhead costs low in a recession. —Top marketing strategies to put in place right now.

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