The One Where Sami Gets Married In A Pandemic

07.20.2020 - By Betches Brides

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Sami and Aleen are back to talk about Sami’s upcoming wedding ceremony and how to plan a wedding in a pandemic. They start with a recap of her original wedding plans, how they got disrupted by coronavirus, and why it’s so difficult to plan a normal-sized event right now or possibly even in the next couple of years. They talk about how she settled on a backyard wedding, and explain the precautions in place for ensuring guest safety. Next, they discuss the pressure to lose weight for your wedding and how you carry yourself differently when you’re confident in your body. Then Aleen gives Sami her best wedding advice, which leads to a conversation about living in the moment and being mindful of your experiences. Finally, they close the show with their NSWs of the week, including a great listener win and a conversation about just finishing the damn pasta.

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