The Power of Doing Scary Things : Episode 267

03.13.2021 - By A Taylored Adventure To Happiness

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Text the word JOURNAL to 202-217-0704 to receive journal prompts & to connect 1:1 with me!! YES that’s my # and it’s ME! What's Your Money Frequency? Find Out Now Come say hi over on Instagram   In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:   Leaning into the fear to receive healing  Healing generational trauma  Releasing fear to trust your body Unblocking abundance  Commit to getting uncomfortable Stop hiding your truth and light to spare other people's comfort  Release to rise Get uncomfortable in your business  Doing the work to find out your purpose How to release control   Shownotes: This episode is brought to you from the jungles of Costa Rica. Today, I am bringing to you a message that was inspired by the group of women that were just here with me for the ultimate girls retreat. We talk about the reality of getting uncomfortable to step into the next level of your life, how to release in order to rise and why leaning towards fear can lead to the greatest breakthroughs.

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