Timeline Jumping, Conversations with Jesus and The Ascension Process with Lyndsay Diamond : Episode 227

06.12.2020 - By A Taylored Adventure To Happiness

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Text the word JOURNAL to 202-217-0704 to receive journal prompts & to connect 1:1 with me!! YES that’s my # and it’s ME! Download The Tap into the Frequency of Money FREE Meditation here! https://www.abundancerewired.com/meditation Come say hi over on Instagram: www.instagram.com/iamtaylorsimpson   In This Episode You Will Hear: -Lyndsays Journey : The Beginning -Conversations with Jesus -His thoughts on what's happening in our world -Moving energy into the new earth frequency -Breakdowns to breakthroughs -Sickness, Illnesses and Ascension -What is quantum energy -Different stages of consciousness -Timeline jumping & new realities -Operating through the process -Your body as your compass -Polarity shifts, sinking of Atlantis -What’s coming   Shownotes: Have you ever felt like you’re here but your soul is traveling through different realms? Then this one's for you. As the world is going through massive shifts our internal body is too. Today we are joined by Lyndsay Diamond and in this conversation we go deep into what really is quantum energy. Lyndsay opens up about her conversations with Jesus and what His thoughts are on what we are going through in the physical 3D world. We also talk about timeline jumping and Lydnsay shares with us her experiences from the very beginning. Listen in and follow your body as it moves energy through the new earth frequency.   Who's Lyndsay: Hi, I'm Lyndsay! Medical Intuitive, Channeler and healer of all things quantum! I am an intuitive healer who works with the seven layers of the energetic body—connecting mind, body, and soul. My journey from trauma to healing, I became connected to my own intuition in 2014 through the experience of suffering a traumatic brain injury. Western medicine did not predict a full recovery, and instead suggested I settle on the idea of a “new me,” a different me, which felt very limiting and grim. But I had a strong knowing that this was not where I was meant to stay…I knew I could heal. Not because anyone shared this with me, but because something within my body understood it. Using healing principles and practices I started to notice shifts within myself, as well as physical changes over time. Spirit was reconnecting me to my body and soul. Disease processes started unraveling, and I could feel that I had opened a door to a new world. I was undoing all of those belief patterns and frames of reference that weren’t actually mine and weren’t real. My “story” started to change. This is where my purpose and life’s path unfolded—there was no going back and for the first time I knew I was exactly where I was meant to be. Subscribe to my FREE Monthly Energy Report: https://www.lyndsaydiamond.com/energy-shift-report Let's connect on Instagram: www.instagram.com/lyndsay.diamond

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